Earn unlockables for DOOM Eternal until December 2 during LAST CHANCE: THANKSGIBBING

  • 23 lis 2021
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  • Autor: Parker Wilhelm

Pass the gravy, it’s THANKSGIBBING season! This week, we’re doing another mini-event, taking cosmetics from last year’s THANKSGIBBING event and offering players one LAST CHANCE to earn them with XP – get excited for LAST CHANCE: THANKSGIBBING!

Until December 2, you can earn XP playing DOOM Eternal to unlock in-game collectibles like the Bleached Bone Revenant, Bubble Gum Pain Elemental and even the Cultist Slayer Master Collection! Just As with past LAST CHANCE events, XP thresholds are adjusted to ensure that all of THANKSGIBBING’s unlockables can be earned within the span of the mini-event!

DE LC Thanksgibbing in-body

Gathering XP is simple: Just play DOOM Eternal! Completing levels, BATTLEMODE matches and weekly challenges in the game will increase your XP pool, unlocking items with each XP milestone reached. Once LAST CHANCE: THANKSGIBBING is concluded, the contents of this mini-event will be bundled together for purchase on platform-specific digital stores. Want that second helping of THANKSGIBBING goodies while you can? Jump into DOOM Eternal and start earning XP today before the table gets cleared!