What is the Slayers Club?

The Slayers Club is the official DOOM fan club. It's a celebration of the passion, creativity and love fans have poured into DOOM for nearly three decades. Becoming a member is free, easy, and grants access to unique Slayer and demon skins in DOOM Eternal, exclusive content, and more.

We created the club to honor the fans that made DOOM what it is today and the games they love. Plus we'll be revealing more about DOOM Eternal.

Whether you’ve been with us since the shareware days or just discovered DOOM yesterday...welcome to the Slayers Club

Sign Up Process


Earning points is easy. Almost everything club members do on the website earns points. The content and activities that earn points are marked with the Slayer symbol.

When you join the club you will be given a club profile that keeps track of the points you've earned, your rank, and shows off your unique Slayers Club avatar.

You can see the below breakdown of the points you earn per activity. Please note that these are subject to change over time.

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As you accrue more points you'll ascend through the club ranks. There are a total of 15 ranks, from the UAC "Volunteer" to the legendary DOOM Slayer.

Your Slayers Club rank is more than just a cool icon and bragging rights. Achieving a new rank will always offer a reward.

Check out the full rank overview.

Some exclusions may apply. See the full terms and conditions for details.

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Every member will receive the Zombie DOOM Slayer Skin just for joining the club. However, as members increase their rank they'll unlock additional skins for DOOM Eternal when it launches and more Slayers Club avatar items.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for additional digital DOOM Eternal items so make sure you check our terms and conditions to see if you're eligible.


*All digital content will be delivered via your Bethesda.net/Slayers Club account when DOOM Eternal launches.

Rank# of PointsTitleTier Rewards
120UAC "Volunteer"1Bronze v4Zombie DOOM Slayer
2100UAC Intern2Bronze v1
3500UAC Advocate3BronzeUnlock Avatar Creator
41,000UAC Scientist4Bronze
52,000UAC Cultist5BronzeAdditional Avatar Slot
63,000UAC Elite Guard6BronzeGhost Pain Elemental + Avatar facial hair
74,000Grunt7SilverAdditional Avatar Slot
85,000Space Marine8SilverAvatar facial hair, hair style, and nose blood
96,000Sarge9SilverZombie Mancubus + Avatar Slot
107,000Reaper10SilverAvatar forehead blood
118,000Phobos11SilverKaiju Archvile + Avatar Slot
129,000Night Sentinel12GoldAvatar Slot and Avatar eye blood
1310,000Harbinger13GoldAvatar Slot
1411,000Hellwalker14GoldImperial Marauder + Avatar Slot
1513,000DOOM Slayer15Gold25th Anniversary Slayer + Avatar God Mode Eyes
Check icon indicates that you already claimed points for an item.
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