The Slayer's Arsenal

  • Mar 20, 2020
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  • By: Manny Pérez

Weapon Mods

It’s good to have options. Each weapon you obtain has two Mods to choose from. From the Plasma Rifle's deadly microwave beam to the the Heavy Cannon's classic micro missile to the brand new Meathook attachment for the Super Shotgun. Modifying your aresenal opens up new ways to slay your enemies and deal massive amounts of damage.

SS Still (weapon mods)

Weapon Upgrading

From rapid reloads to bigger booms, almost every weapon you get your hands on is upgradable. After unlocking a Mod, Weapon Upgrade points can be used to beef up each weapon.

How do you get Weapon Upgrade points? Do what you do best: slay every demon you lay eyes on! Keep track of your Demonic Corruption Meter in your HUD and you’ll know how much progress you’re making towards your next Weapon Upgrade Point. In order to get to the Mastery Upgrade level, you’ll need to complete weapon-specific challenges. Don’t have time to complete the challenges? Save up your Weapon Upgrade Points and use them to forge Weapon Mastery Tokens, which let you jump upgrade paths! You can also pick a few up throughout the world if you keep your eyes peeled.

Weapon Upgrade

Slayer Strategy: Combine weapon upgrades with Mods and Runes to compliment your playstyle, or even a particular area. Getting stuck at an area with big crowds of demons? Upgrade your arsenal to capitalize on splash damage. Looking to knock weapons off heavy demons? Upgrade your Heavy Cannon’s Precision Bolt to target weak spots from a distance.

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