Taras Nabad

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9 Taras Nabad

The city of Taras Nabad was the crown jewel of Argent D'Nur. For centuries it served as the spiritual heart of Argent society, home to both the royal family and the center of political power. No expense was spared in the building of the city, with bold colonnaded architecture and towering monuments to gods and kings resplendent on every avenue.

Next up on your crusade is Taras Nabad. The Hell Preists are dead, and the Kahn Makyr is furious. Your only chance of bringing her down is to reclaim your Crucible...now go get what's yours.

Camelworks will guide you through Taras Nabad's ancient ruins and treachers hazards, including every combat encounter, secret, and weapon location. Want to be the ultimate Slayer? You're in good hands.

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