The DOOM Hunter

  • Mar 18, 2020
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  • By: Manny Pérez

The Hell Priest has been alerted to your presence and has taken some extra precautions to try and stop you. A worthy opponent to the Slayer, and the first major boss encounter of DOOM Eternal, is what the Hell Priest calls his "finest work"...say hello to the DOOM Hunter.

DOOM Hunter Intro


The DOOM Hunter has an array of vicious attacks and won't hesitate to pull out all the stops in combat. It comes strapped with a rocket launcher on it's right hand, a double-bladed chainsaw on its left, homing missiles and a regenerating energy shield. Oh, and did we mention it dashes around on a hovering Sled? Well, it does.

Your first priority when coming face-to-face with the DOOM Hunter is its regenerating energy shield. The Hunter's shield will regenerate as long as its Sled is intact, you'll have to focus on repeatedly breaking it down--and your trusty Plasma Rifle is the best tool for the job. Unleash a barrage of plasma rounds to break the DOOM Hunter's energy shield and get ready to bring the pain once it's down. Keep your distance from its melee attacks with dashes and double jumps, and be mindful of the homing missiles that can reach you at almost any range. Once the DOOM Hunter is exposed, focus your attacks on its Sled to permanently dismantle the shield and stop it from regenerating!

DOOM Hunter Shield Break

With both the shield down and the Sled dismantled your job becomes a lot more straight forward: it's a 1v1 fight to the finish! Keep your head on a swivel, and remember to load up on ammo, health, and armor--demon fodder is there for a reason!

DOOM Hunter Glory Kill

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