• Jan 20, 2022
    • | By: Parker Wilhem

Check out the latest batch of Weekly Challenges before diving into DOOM Eternal’s Campaign or BATTLEMODE! Complete these challenges and you’ll be rewarded with extra XP that goes toward your in-game event progress!

Click here to learn more about our latest in-game event, SIXTY-FORSAKEN!

DE Weekly Challenges 960x135 SIXTY FORSAKEN 2 EN

Colosseum Victor

  • Win 3 BATTLEMODE Matches

Colosseum Participant

  • Complete 2 BATTLEMODE matches as the Slayer

The Fightin' Demons

  • Complete 2 BATTLEMODE matches as a Demon

Full Auto Fiend

  • Kill 3 Arachnotrons with the Full Auto Mod

Frag'Em and Bag'Em

  • Kill 50 Demons with Frag Grenades

Trick Shot

  • Kill 20 Enemies With Precision Bolt Mods while in the air

Pinky Punching

  • Kill 3 Pinkies with Blood Punch


  • Glory Kill 20 Heavy Demons

Don’t forget to join the Slayers Club if you haven’t already to start off your collection with the Zombie Slayer skin!

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