• June 11, 2020
    • | By: Parker Wilhem

Check out the latest batch of Weekly Challenges before diving into DOOM Eternal’s Campaign or BATTLEMODE! Complete these challenges and you’ll be rewarded with extra XP that goes toward your in-game Event, Skins and Podium progress!

Click here for more info on the latest in-game event, PRECIOUS METALS!

DE Weekly Challenges 960x135 3-5 EN

Vertical Slice

  • Complete a Campaign Level

Colosseum Victor

  • Win 1 Match in BATTLEMODE

Colosseum Participant

  • Complete 4 BATTLEMODE Matches

Sniper Angel

  • Kill 10 Enemies With Precision Bolt Mods while in the air

Caco-seeking Rockets

  • Kill 10 Cacodemons with Rocket Launcher Lock-On Mod

Pop Rockets

  • Kill 20 Imps with Micro Missile Mod

RC Rockets

  • Kill 30 Fodder Demons with the Remote Detonate Mod


  • Glory Kill 3 Super-Heavy Demons

Learn more about DOOM Eternal’s in-game events and unlocking rewards in our dev diary video. Don’t forget to join the Slayers Club if you haven’t already to start off your collection with the Zombie Slayer skin!

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