BATTLEMODE | Friday Night Fights Invitational FINALS | August 8

    • Aug 08, 2020
    • | By: Parker Wilhem

After seven weeks of duking it out in BATTLEMODE, the finals of the first Friday Night Fights Invitational is upon us! And what better virtual venue to see some of the community’s best BATTLEMODE competitors fight for the championship than at QuakeCon at Home?

Grab your popcorn and set your watches to 12:30pm this Saturday, August 8 as ZANARATHAZ steps into the ring as the fully loaded Slayer to take on the demonic duo of KRONIID and CONJUGATES!

DE FNF 08-08 in-body

Who will walk away the first ever Friday Night Fights Invitational champion? Tune in via the official Bethesda Twitch channel and find out this weekend at QuakeCon at Home!