Dash-icon DASH - The Slayer may perform 2 dashes until the ability needs to recharge
GloryKill-icon GLORY KILL - Glory kill staggered demons for additional health and a short speed boost
FRAG GRENADE - Frag grenades damage groups of enemies and trigger falters, giving you extra time to maneuver
FlameBelch-icon FLAME BELCH - Burn nearby demons to recover armor

FireWeapon-icon FIRE WEAPON - Shoot your weapon at the demons, killed demons spawn health

ChangeWeapon-icon CHANGE WEAPON - Open the weapon wheel to choose the best weapon for the situation
UseWeaponMod-icon USE WEAPON MOD - Use your current weapon's special modification to kill demons more effectively
Chainsaw-icon CHAINSAW - Plunges your chainsaw into a nearby demon to recover ammo

Resource Drain RESOURCE DRAIN - All enemies you kill drop more health

Burning Hate BURNING HATE - Flame Belch recharges in half the time & enemies afflicted by Flame Belch drop more armor
Master Carver MASTER CARVE - You chainsaw more quickly, enemies killed with the chainsaw drop more ammo and fuel regeneration time is reduced by 10 seconds per pip
Double Down DOUBLE DOWN - Gain access to a second equipment charge & the frag grenade explosion is larger Dashing DASHING - Dash regenerates more quickly. Glory kills & chainsaw kills instantly refreshes dash
SpeedDemon-icon SPEED DEMON - Glory kill enemies from further away & execute these kills more quickly

Bfg BFG-9000 - Gain access to the BFG weapon. You have a chance to receive BFG ammo after a glory kill & you take 75% reduced damage while the BFG projectile is active for up to 5 seconds. Player demons take reduced damage

BonusBoom-icon BONUS BOOM - The Equipment Launcher throws 2 frag grenades when used & demons killed by the grenades spawn additional cluster bombs
Fists of Fury FISTS OF FURY - Blood Punch causes additional damage to nearby enemies when used & you take 75% reduced damage afterwards for 3 seconds
Endless Rage ENDLESS RAGE - You deal 50% additional damage after a chainsaw or glory kill for 3 seconds SentinelInfused-icon SENTINEL INFUSED - Start each round with more health, armor & ammo