Your June DOOMspiration Playlist

  • June 02, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Your June DOOMspiration Playlist

It’s getting warmer – well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere – and you know what that means: we need to start amassing summer jams!

The official DOOMspiration Spotify playlist has been updated for June with even more tracks fresh from the id Software team’s recommendation list. Just as the DOOM Eternal staff uses them to get pumped up, we hope you find a use for these songs as well!

Here are some highlight tracks to start with:

Just One Fix – Ministry

“Hard hitting industrial metal that never stops, just fades away.”

  • Mark Diaz, Gameplay Programmer

Karma – Parkway Drive

“My go-to tracks for design inspiration are high energy, high pace metal. Not only is it what I expect the DOOM Slayer would listen to, but it also helps guide the tightness of our gameplay design. If I am playing our game with any of these tracks running, I need the game to maintain pace with the track. If I ever feel like I am slower than the music, something needs to change.

It could be the charge time on a weapon, the frame at which I can fire a gun, or it could even be the arena flow. These tracks help me identify where things need to get more responsive and also get me charged up to slaughter demons!”

  • Peter Sokal, Senior Designer

We’re Doing a Sequel – The Muppets

“This one is pretty self-explanatory: we're doing a sequel! I listened to this song on a loop leading up to the E3 announcement, because I was so pumped/nervous to be working on a sequel to DOOM (2016). On one hand, working on a sequel is great because we've got a fantastic foundation to work from. On the other hand, you can't just do the same thing again but more: What do you change? What do you remove or add? Are we cranking it up to 11, or are we jumping the shark? These questions are always on my mind."

"…Also, I like the Muppets.”

  • Alex Whitfield, Associate Gameplay Designer

Descent into Cerberon – Sonic Mayhem (covered by Jade Arcade)

“I always loved this track from the Quake 2 soundtrack. When Mick Gordon played it as part of his set at the 2016 Game Awards, it was awesome. The music captures the thunderous vibe and excitement of id’s games. It motivates me each time I hear it.”

  • David Vargo, Designer/Environmental Artist