The Top 5 Tunes of DOOM - #5: “At DOOM’s Gate”

  • May 06, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
The Top 5 Tunes of DOOM - #5: “At DOOM’s Gate”

What would DOOM be without music? A quieter experience, sure, but the franchise would likely also lose one of its key iconic elements - one of the ineffable parts that make the sum so much greater…and so much more memorable.

The musical history of the series is varied and memorable, so picking just five of the best tunes of the last 25 years of DOOM isn’t exactly an easy task.

5. “At DOOM’s Gate”

If you played DOOM Classic at or near its original release in 1993, you know this song. You may not have heard it in 25 years but somewhere, deep in your brainstem, it still plays. This is the track that served as the background for the very first level of the very first DOOM and there’s no question that it lodged itself firmly alongside memories of players’ first experience with this frantic, frenzied, fantastic game.

The descending guitar riff (well, guitar-like; game soundtracks were still entirely digital at the time) instantly calls to mind some of the most seminal metal artists of the early ‘90s, drawing comparisons to Pantera, Iron Maiden and Metallica.

“At DOOM’s Gate” would go on to get a substantial reimagining for DOOM (2016), in which the track is updated for modern instruments and musical style, set to a more plodding, doom metal-esque beat (fittingly enough). It’s a fantastic version echoing the original tune that still lives on in our hearts – and our guts.