Nods to Mods - New Add-on: DOUBLE IMPACT

  • Feb 13, 2020
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  • By: Joshua Boyle

Nearly 25 years after witnessing his father’s murder by Hong Kong crime boss Raymond Zhang, Chad Wagner is living in Los Angeles as a flourishing yet peaceful martial arts trainer. But Chad has a twin brother, Alex... wait, that’s the wrong DOUBLE IMPACT!!!

DE N2M DI movie

Back in 2011 two twin brothers, RottKing and Ralphis, decided to open their own virtual dojo to train DOOMers in the way of survival. These twin sensei did so by taking on the most coveted episode in all of video games, DOOM’s Knee-Deep in The Dead, in tag-team fashion.

Okay, they weren’t twins. Or martial artists (that we know of), but you wouldn’t know it based on how well they’re able to pass levels back and forth between each other. Like seasoned sparring partners, they throw down levels and anticipate each other’s styles, counterbalancing and complimenting the flow of enemies and pathing required. As a result, their episode replacement can stand its ground on the tatami mat against the original masters from ‘93.

But enough martial arts twin analogies! Let’s get to the meat in this sandwich, the challenging beauty that is RottKing & Ralphis’ ambitious nine-map Knee-Deep in The Dead replacement: DOUBLE IMPACT. (Credit to esselfortium for creating the title pic)

DE N2M DI title

We are so excited to include DOUBLE IMPACT to our growing list of free Add-ons in our latest releases of DOOM and DOOM II! If you just woke up from a coma and don’t know what an “Add-on” is or how to download them, please read this article real quick and welcome back to 2020!

The Story So Far…

Wait, you’re not a marooned Marine? Nah dawg, not this time! In DOUBLE IMPACT you’re a UAC mechanic, knee-deep in fixing corporate hardware in the maintenance area as demons from Hell bust loose looking for human souls to devour. Seeing as you’re a mechanic, when s*** hits the fan, you take the fan apart and FIX THE FAN!

Survival of the Mechanic

It takes guts not only doing a full Episode 1 replacement for DOOM, but also doing a protagonist swap from trained marine to a mere mechanic. Thankfully, we’re here to tell you the move is warranted. Instead of being a guns-blazing badass, you must think and act like a mortal trying to stay alive – a smart one, at that!

Start Thinking like a Mechanic

Remember when I mentioned that RottKing and Ralphis will be training you in the art of survival? With much larger maps, that includes a lot of doubling back (for more impact :D) and testing you with a myriad of scenarios where you’ll feel outnumbered and outgunned.

To be victorious, you must use the environment and maneuverability to maximum advantage. It’s important to note that you’re not meant to take on every enemy you encounter - quite the opposite in certain areas!

Always Use Barrels Responsibly

DE N2M DI barrel

They’re there for a reason! Make the most of these volatile containers by funneling enemies into tighter corridors. Keep the inverse in mind, however - bolting from claustrophobic fights to lure high-damage demons into open areas ensures you can use these explosive bad boys without getting blown up as collateral.

Ruh Roh

DE N2M DI switch

The fundamental rules of DOOM101 apply in DOUBLE IMPACT: when you hit a switch, be ready!

Ready to Run

DE N2M DI run

Don’t be afraid to attempt a mad dash to an EXIT switch. Remember: you’re a mechanic, not a Marine – staying in the fray longer than necessary can be deadly!

Escape Route

In case you forget that you’re a simple staffer merely trying to survive, the daunting list of areas ahead are labeled as your “ESCAPE ROUTE”. Just like it says in your UAC company safety training manual, know your Escape Route and keep in mind it isn’t a list of areas to power through like the buff Space Marine you’re not. (Again, credit to esselfortium for creating the level progress pic.)

DE N2M DI escape route

Nod to the Deft Designers

RottKing and Ralphis had us smiling throughout DOUBLE IMPACT at their skillful use of tightly constructed areas, clever lighting effects, perfectly aligned textures and more DOOM-vania than we’re traditionally used to. However, we totally embraced it and think you will too. Now for a few highlights!

Use of Dynamic Lighting

DE N2M DI light imp

This dynamic strobe light effect combined with these hidden demon lockers makes this long hallway a memorable moment, as the Imps can only be spotted by their fireballs.

DE N2M DI light screen

In this area we like to call “Spooky Cages,” you’re on edge waiting for the flicker of the light to show oncoming Imps and Pinkies. It reminds us of this scene in the best way.

Black Belt-Level Details

DE N2M DI stairs

With levels so large, it’s a hard flex when you have time to add details like these stairs. We LOVE these stairs!!!


DE N2M DI cyberdemon

When things get hairy, ask yourself: What Would a Mechanic Do? If you’re staring down at the final level full of 13-foot tall Cyberdemons close enough to pull a wrench on… don’t just stand there! Run like Hell and look for other ways to escape.

Time to strap this Add-on to your Toolbelt

Whaddya waiting for? You’re on your way to being the best mechanic the UAC’s ever seen! Load up the latest releases of DOOM and DOOM II and start your intense journey through RottKing and Ralphis’ nine-level Episode 1 replacement, DOUBLE IMPACT!

Thanks for reading and keeping the Slayers Club such a great place to be! For more insight into how this amazing episode replacement came to be, check out our interview with the creators!