April 9 BATTLEMODE Update for Console

  • Apr 09, 2020
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  • By: Joshua Boyle

This update for DOOM Eternal features BATTLEMODE balance changes for console only and does not require any download.

Note from the Devs:

Right now, PC balance is performing as intended and the results online have been fantastic to see. Only teamwork and strategy for the demons can overcome the DPS power that's possible on mouse and keyboard for highly skilled Slayers. That dynamic between the two sides is what we strived for on all platforms during development.

However, after weeks of great community feedback, we agree that Slayers on console are at a slight disadvantage due to the lower overall DPS output possible on a controller. Against the best teams, Slayers were finding it difficult to do enough damage in the small windows the current balance on demons and their abilities were providing.

It is our hope that this patch will bring the challenge for Console-Slayers more within reach and the overall feel of the match will be more consistent now between all platforms.

Thank you guys for all the support. Our goal with BATTLEMODE was to innovate through design, to allow you to experience the combat in the single player campaign with your friends in a competitive mode - a multiplayer for fans of Doom Eternal.

We have many more updates to come. Stay tuned...

-Hugo Martin, Game Director

Doom BattleMode Logo Keyable 500

Balance Changes for console only



  • Demons respawn timer increased from 20 to 22 seconds

Team Heal


  • The caster of Team Heal is now healed for 25% of their total health , down from 50% of their total health
  • The teammate of the caster continues to be healed for 25% of their total health (which is unchanged)

buff healingzone


Reduced the strength of the healing zones:

  • Level 1 becomes 600 HP over 8 seconds ( 75 HP per 1 second ) , available every 60 seconds

  • Down from 800 HP over 8 seconds ( 100 HP per 1 second ) , available every 60 seconds

  • Level 2 becomes 800 HP over 10 seconds ( 80 HP per 1 second ) , available every 50 seconds

  • Down from 1200 HP over 12 seconds ( 100 HP per 1 second ) , available every 45 seconds

buff radiation


  • Reduced damage done per tic on The Slayer when in the hazard volume from 15 to 12 damage

BATTLEMODE Characters Mancubus.245x278


  • Reduced flamethrower damage per projectile from 4 to 3 damage per hit

BATTLEMODE Characters PainElemental.245x278


  • Shield cool down duration increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds

BATTLEMODE Characters Archvile.245x278


  • Flame Wall cool down duration increased from 6 to 7 seconds

Known Issue on Console

  • The description for the TEAM HEAL ability is inconsistent with amount of healing done by the ability. Team heal will heal both demon players for 25% of total health, but the description states that the user gets a 50% heal instead.