New Add-on Available: Beyond Belief for Quake

  • Sept 29, 2022
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

A new Add-on has arrived for Quake! Owners of our re-release of the classic shooter can now dive into a new eight-map adventure with Beyond Belief!


One of Quake’s earliest mods, Beyond Belief first hit the modding scene way back in 1997. It gained notoriety for its tough-but-fair gameplay and skillful difficulty curve, making it an excellent Add-on for fans of single-player Quake content.

Q1 BB in-body game3

Download Beyond Belief today for our re-release of Quake for free by visiting the in-game Add-ons menu. To learn more about how this mod was made back in the day, check out our exclusive Nods to Mods interview with Beyond Belief’s creator, Matthias Worch.