DOOM Eternal’s LAST CHANCE: COFFEE AND CAMO mini-event is live until July 1

  • June 24, 2021
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Get ready for another trip back in time! Return to DOOM Eternal’s second-ever in-game event, COFFEE AND CAMO, and earn past unlockables in our newest mini-event. This is your LAST CHANCE: COFFEE AND CAMO.

From June 24 to July 1, players can rack up XP to receive cosmetics from the original COFFEE AND CAMO event such as the Camo Slayer and the latte-sipping Hipster Archvile Master Collection. Since mini-events have lower XP thresholds compared to our full-length events, that means you could earn all of COFFEE AND CAMO’s items in just the span of a week!

DE Last Chance Coffee Camo in-body

Once the mini-event is over, the COFFEE AND CAMO cosmetic items will be bundled together and made available for purchase on platform-specific digital stores. As the name implies, this is your last chance to earn all those goodies with XP. How? Same as it’s always been – just get in there and slay!

During the mini-event, you’ll earn XP for completing campaign levels, BATTLEMODE matches and the weekly challenges during the mini-event. Don’t let this cup of java go cold – jump into DOOM Eternal today and score COFFEE AND CAMO before time runs out!

Learn more about DOOM Eternal’s in-game events and unlocking rewards in our dev diary video. Don’t forget to join the Slayers Club if you haven’t already to start off your collection with the Zombie Slayer skin!