Your August DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Aug 02, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Your August DOOMspiration Playlist

Alright, music junkies: Another fresh batch of choice tracks id Software’s staff has been enjoying lately while working on DOOM Eternal has been added to the official Spotify playlist. Go check it out!

Need a new favorite office jam? The talented team at id has some recommendations:

New Found Power – Damageplan

“Feels like a Berserk Pack for your ears. Super empowering. I imagine this is what the DOOM Slayer hears when he wakes up in the morning (if he even sleeps).”

  • Mark Diaz, Gameplay Programmer

Even Flow – Pearl Jam

“I’ve always have had a place in my heart for Pearl Jam since I first heard them on the radio as a young child. The main reason I chose this song is because it was first released around the time that the original DOOM game was being developed. It also has some very expressive guitar riffs as well as powerful lyrics.”

  • Hammed Al-Tamimi, Technical Artist

Mantra (Mat Zo Remix) – Noisia

“This is another example of awesome sound design, both from original producer Noisia and from the remixing artist, Mat Zo.”

“This song is simply a hell of a lot of fun, with inventive use of percussion and strings playing over some wicked neuro-bass sounds that are strikingly reminiscent of Mick Gordon’s “chainsaw” synths from the DOOM (2016) soundtrack. Throw this track on a speaker system with a powerful sub – just be careful not to rip and tear your eardrums.”

  • Kevin Malinak, AI Programmer

Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“It's just plain fun to Glory Kill to this song. I've always imagined a badass Glory Kill compilation video with this as the main track.”

  • Gary Matthews, Associate Environmental Artist