Your December DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Dec 14, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

2020 is almost over, but we’ve got more awesome tunes for you!

The official Slayers Club Spotify playlist, is getting one last update before the new year arrives, sharing the tracks that inspire id Software and other recommended earworms courtesy of Slayers Club HQ.

Grab your headphones and out the year in style with the newest additions to our playlist:

Let It Wave – Oh Sleeper

A suspense opening explodes into chugging riffs, crashing drum and chaotic vocals, setting the perfect soundtrack for the moment when the computer has completed booting up and the time to slay is NOW.

The Metal East – Lightning Bolt

What an utterly relentless song. This track is just a nonstop ride careening off a cliff that feels like a riot, a mosh and a Gore Nest battle all going down in the span of just a few minutes. We’d like to think the DOOM Slayer would appreciate Lightning Bolt’s seemingly boundless energy.

Then - Arkangel

Metal has inspired DOOM’s sound since the very beginning, so what better way to spice up our playlist than some no-frills metalcore thrashing, courtesy of the brutal sounds of Belgian group Arkangel?

One Step From Hell – Mechanical Brothers

A wild & weird track with a hard, thumping drop like a Heavy Cannon hooked up to bass-boosted speakers. The quirky, high-speed techno pace is perfect for getting your heart rate going – be it on cardio day or while squaring off against a Tyrant in Ultra Nightmare mode.

Omen – The Prodigy

Speaking of rave tunes, this track from well-known electronic group The Prodigy is another push-forward track that helps staves off the winter chills. While not the same vein of electronic music that influenced DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack, any jam that gets us pumped up to battle demons is welcome ‘round these parts.