Take a tour of the Fortress of DOOM

  • Feb 17, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Take a tour of the Fortress of DOOM

As part of DOOM Eternal’s month of coverage with IGN First, we invite you to the DOOM Slayer’s home away from Hell: The Fortress of DOOM!

The central hub for all your pre- and post-slaying needs, players can freely move about the Fortress to uncover upgrades, catch up on ARC broadcasts, admire their collectibles and even relax in the Slayer’s own man cave – complete with a DOOM Slayer portrait painted by the Slayer Club’s own PhoboDis (aka Xous)!

Check out IGN for more coverage on the Fortress of DOOM and DOOM Eternal. We’ve still got a lot more awesome stuff to reveal this month with IGN First so keep it locked, Slayers!