Top 5 Secrets of DOOM - #3: Dovahkiin

  • May 20, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Top 5 Secrets of DOOM - #3: Dovahkiin

The DOOM franchise is positively bursting with secrets. From Easter eggs and hidden collectibles to entire levels to uncover, each game serves up a hefty helping of rewards for those who venture off the beaten path.

There are so many, in fact, that it’s a near-impossible task to pick just five to highlight, so go ahead and share your own favorites in the comments!

3. Dovahkiin

In Hell lies evidence of a creature from another plane. No, not a Cacodemon. Not a Mancubus, either. It’s something arguably more terrifying: a being born with the blood of a dragon in the body of a mortal, capable of consuming the very soul of the winged terrors and wielding their devastating power as its own.

We speak of the Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn hero of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Fortunately for any dragons in the vicinity, though, this particular Dovahkiin is very, very dead.

Next time you find yourself in the “outdoor” area of Hell, take a look around for a low, dark cave entrance. Inside you’ll find a dramatically desiccated corpse sporting the iconic horned helmet of Skyrim’s protagonist. Find him and you’ll also find a likely clue to the manner of his demise: an arrow to the knee – infamous for its ability to stop adventurers.

This isn’t the only reference to other Bethesda games in DOOM (2016). Some of the massive doors around the complex sport the logo of a very famous vault manufacturer and one of the Doomguy collectibles bears a familiar blue-and-yellow paint scheme. (Other Doomguy collectibles bear striking similarities to characters from Rage, Quake and even id’s venerable Commander Keen.) It’s just another example of how great games transcend universes.