Submit your DOOM fan art – April’s Theme: Demonic Duos

  • Apr 01, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

The DOOM community proves time and time again that its fans are among the most creative out there. For over 25 years you’ve shown us your incredible DOOM-inspired fan creations and we can’t get enough – in fact, the walls of id Software itself are covered in your awesome fan art! That’s why we’re asking you to submit your best fan art pieces to us for the Slayers Club!

April’s Theme: Demonic Duos

In DOOM Eternal’s 2v1 BATTLEMODE, a fully loaded Slayer steps into the ring against a cunning pairing of player-controlled demons. For this month’s Fan Art, we want to see your favorite combo of two baddies from the DOOM rogue’s gallery. They don’t have to be the ones in DOOM Eternal’s BATTLEMODE roster either, so long as they know the value of terrifying teamwork!

Submissions open April 15 and close April 30 While not required, we highly suggest sending image links ending in .GIF, .JPG or .PNG. As we collect submissions, we’ll pick out some of our favorites and showcase them on the Slayers Club website.

Your fan art can be brand-new, previously created or even previously submitted. However, all art must be original and of your own creation. For verification purposes, we will only accept links to public profiles and social channels such as, but not limited to, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt, Reddit, Steam Forums or Tumblr. We will NOT accept links to anonymous image sharing websites such as imgbb.com, imgur.com, pasteboard.co, etc.

For more details, check out the full rules here.