DOOM by the Numbers #3 – Eight is Great

  • Sept 05, 2019
  • |
  • By: Joe Rybicki

Numbers and data sound boring at first, but a franchise like DOOM has accrued some really interesting stats over the years. In this series, we highlight DOOM’s cool numerical accomplishments and what they mean – this is DOOM by the Numbers!


Eight seconds. To bull riders, it’s an eternity. To lovers, it’s an instant. To the DOOM Slayer, about three or four Glory Kills. But to YouTuber 4shockblast, it’s a world record, because that’s how quickly they were able to complete first level of DOOM (1993) - E1M1: Hangar.

And it broke a record that had been in place for 22 years.

This new record was set without cheats or glitches (as if there would be any time to use them) and it was set while playing the game on Ultra-Violence difficulty, though there’s no time to engage with enemies. It’s a display of perfect timing and exquisite economy of movement, a mad dash to the finish that benefits from years of practice, incredible skill and more than a little bit of pure luck.

It’s also a record that is likely to stand for a very, very long time. Thanks to the way DOOM tracks time, anything between eight and nine seconds is counted as eight seconds, and this run snuck in just under nine seconds – 0:08.97, to be exact. Other runners may be able to shave milliseconds off the time, but the next record-holder is going to need to find a whole extra second lying around if they want the same glory.

To those runners: good luck! Let’s hope it won’t take another 22 years.