DOOM Eternal’s FALL MEGA EVENT has dropped!

  • Sept 01, 2022
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

As the seasons change along the leaves of trees, the time beckons for another super-sized event in DOOM Eternal! Prepare to unlock in-game skins and other treats galore in our FALL MEGA EVENT.

From now until December 8, players can unlock in-game cosmetics for DOOM Eternal previously featured in three of our past events! Go on a blast to the past with SIXTY-FORSAKEN, don a costume in time for Halloween in GHOULS, GOURDS & GALLEONS and investigate an otherworldy threat in THE ARCH FILES, unlocking goodies like the Le Manc, Agent Vile and DOOM 64 Classic Marine Master Collections!

DE Fall Mega Event 2022 in-body

So how do you get your hands on these rewards? Simple, earn XP in DOOM Eternal by playing! Completing campaign levels, BATTLEMODE matches and special in-game challenges will boost your XP, unlocking the FALL MEGA EVENT’s rewards as you progress. But don’t delay, this event is around for a limited time only - jump into DOOM Eternal today and start slayin’!