BATTLEMODE | Friday Night Fights | Invitational

  • June 17, 2020
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  • By: Joshua Boyle

Introducing the first-ever Friday Night Fights Invitational! This competitive, weekly tournament series pits three of the top community players in a high-level BATTLEMODE showdown.



It has been super exciting for us to be able to showcase some of the most passionate BATTLEMODE players in the community week after week. Even though it feels like a mere momentary green blink of a Marauder's eye, it has already been twelve weeks and ten broadcasts with commentary since DOOM Eternal's launch. In that time, we've been so impressed with the community talent that have graced our streams that we feel like it's about time to see who's the best of the best in this stable of elite players.

We are excited to announce a seven week round robin Invitational tournament, with seven Slayers and seven Demonic Duos. They will play three maps every week and the number of rounds won and lost will determine their rank. We will feature all three maps of a featured matchup per week and show highlights from the rest in our weekly Friday Night Fights Invitaitonal broadcast. This will climax in a Finals match where we will determine our first Friday Night Fights Invitational winner! We've got all the details below, so make sure to stock up on demon'ade, and mark your fragging calendars.

Friday Night Fights Invitational Featured Weekly Matchups:

June 19HeyKyleF4llback & DoomsdayRonin
June 26TensekoShlippi  & Pinocchioh
July 3Tomatrix Kroniid & conjugate
July 10Miss HeartBeatMoon Marooned & nero_redgrave
July 17ByteMeSwanSong & NzTa
July 24ZanarathaZDudeHellYeah & ZeroRexx
July 31Grizzly  Bazooka Joey & DefilerPhil

All streams viewable on twitch.tv/bethesda at 7:30pm ET

We can't wait to see you all this Friday for our first matchup in the Invitational!