Stock up on PRECIOUS METALS in DOOM Eternal’s latest Event!

  • May 14, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

UPDATE: We're extending the PRECIOUS METALS event by a whole week! Continue gaining XP and unlocking lustrous goodies until the JUNE 25.

Go for the gold in DOOM Eternal’s newest in-game Event: PRECIOUS METALS. Starting now, you can earn a new set of blinged-out cosmetics just by earning XP in DOOM Eternal!

In this Event, players unlock brand-new weapons skins, player icons, nameplates and player skins all about flaunting – in fact, from this Event on, our events feature an additional Deluxe Skin to unlock! Shine bright with gear like the Gold Marauder skin and the Luxury Super Shotgun skin or make a grand entrance with the MC Pain Elemental Master Collection! Don’t let these chromed-out cosmetics pass you by – PRECIOUS METALS ends June 18.

DE Precious Metals in-body full EN

Those familiar with our last Event, COFFEE & CAMO, know the drill but here’s a refresher: Unlocking this Event’s cosmetics is all about earning XP, which you get by playing campaign levels, duking it out in BATTLEMODE and completing weekly challenges. Now get out there and earn yourself some opulence!

Learn more about DOOM Eternal’s in-game events and unlocking rewards in our dev diary video. Don’t forget to join the Slayers Club if you haven’t already to start off your collection with the Zombie Slayer skin!