DOOM Level or Band Name? Vol. III

  • Oct 25, 2019
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

When describing the DOOM series, throwing up some horns and screaming ‘metaaaal!’ ain’t a half-bad way of putting it. That’s why sometimes the line between the games and the hardcore music that inspired it (and vice-versa) can get blurred.

So, in this challenge of your DOOM knowledge and/or muscial chops, we will give a name of either a level from a DOOM game or a pretty sick band name. In the case both a DOOM level and a band share a name, we err on the side of the DOOM level because hey, it’s the Slayers Club. Ready? Go!


Also known as “Ghost B.C.” in the US (for legal reasons, not time travel), Ghost is a Swedish rock group known for its masked performers and devil-worshipping motif. Despite being classified mostly as a doom metal act, Ghost’s music flirts with a wide range of genres from groovy 60s’ rock to grandstanding arena anthems to, yes, doom metal. Or should we call it DOOM metal?

EnPro Plant

Short for “Energy Processing and Storage Plant,” EnPro Plant is the ninth level in DOOM 3. Navigating the facility is fraught with all kinds of peril, including two new varieties of demon: the Wraith and Lost Soul. And yes, since you’re probably thinking of it too, both “Wraith” and “Lost Soul” are both existing metal groups from England and Poland, respectively. We do our homework.

Æther Realm

While they sound similar, the classical element ‘Æther’ isn’t the same as Argent energy, the powerful force the UAC attempts to study and harness in DOOM (2016). That said, the music of North Carolina, USA-based group Æther Realm has plenty energy of its own with melodic death metal songs about great battles and ancient mythology. No worries if you’re not a metalhead - one of their tracks recently got a synthwave remix.


While the term has context in religion and some forms of government, ‘Ministry’ doesn’t really ring a bell in the context of DOOM. In the music world, however, Ministry is often cited as the pioneer in American industrial metal. With elements of thrash and synth-pop throughout their discography, Ministry is pretty much the band you’d imagine when picturing teenagers holed up in their rooms in the 90s’ cranking bottles of Surge and speedrunning E1M1.

Sever The Wicked

So get this: Sever the Wicked is both a DOOM level and metal band. The band Sever the Wicked is a heavy/thrash metal act based in West Virginia while the level Sever the Wicked is the third map from the fourth chapter of the original DOOM (1993): Thy Flesh Consumed. Look, this was bound to happen at some point - if you’re actually quizzing yourself, just enjoy the free letter grade.

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