Did You Know? – WinDOOM 95

  • Aug 06, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki

After 25 years, a series like DOOM is guaranteed to collect its share of fun facts and interesting trivia. Thankfully, you don’t have to be the world’s most dedicated fan or a development insider to learn some of the coolest stuff about this franchise – you have us!


At one point, DOOM was estimated to be on more PCs than Windows.

The Windows operating system has been so ubiquitous for so long that it’s hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t the default OS on most computers worldwide. Windows had been available in one form or another since 1985, but it wasn’t until Windows 95 (released in August of 1995) that its usage became widespread.

Since you’re reading this, chances are you know what came out before then: DOOM and DOOM II. In an ExtremeTech article written in 2013, a Microsoft producer at the time by the name of Gabe Newell (you might’ve heard of him – he founded Valve, the company behind the Half-Life and Counter-Strike series as well as the Steam digital distribution platform) claimed that more PC owners worldwide were running DOOM on their machines at one point than Windows.

That may not be the case these days, but we’d like to think that DOOM had a hand in its success (in the gaming sphere, at least.) See, Windows wasn’t popular for making games at the time and Newell pushed hard to correct that with a version of DOOM running on Microsoft’s latest OS.

This led to the production of DOOM95 and a legendary promotional video starring Bill Gates, endorsing Windows 95 and Microsoft’s then-new DirectX technology as the next great place to boot up games. This led to more game development for the operating system, which led to more widespread adoption of Windows 95, and the rest is history.

Now, we’re not saying DOOM deserves aaaalllll the credit for Windows becoming one the premier platforms for PC gaming it is today but hey, we won’t say no to a thank-you card from Mr. Gates if one shows up.