Are you ready to take on Empowered Demons?

  • May 29, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

With the arrival of Update 1 for DOOM Eternal on all platforms, a new threat rises to give your campaign a little extra spice: Empowered Demons!

When a player is killed running through a single-player level, there’s a chance the enemy that took ‘em out becomes imbued with power by the Khan Maykr. This beefed-up baddie is then transported to a different player’s game with its newfound power to potentially take out another Slayer!

Empowered Demons are easy to spot – on top of being faster, tougher, more aggressive and just plain meaner, they carry the name of the player they killed above their heads. Will you avenge a fallen member of your friends list? A total stranger? No matter who they killed, the course of action is the same: make those demons pay!

Learn more about Empowered Demons and see them in action in this developer diary, featuring DOOM Eternal’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin. Check it out below:

On top of sticking it to the Khan Maykr’s special minions, slain Empowered Demons drop tons of health and ammo pickups and bonus XP that counts towards sets in your Collection and our PRECIOUS METALS in-game event! Empowered Demons are tough, but now’s the time to enter DOOM Eternal and show ‘em who’s tougher!