Your November 2020 DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Nov 23, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

That’s right, the DOOMspiration playlist is back!

We missed adding tunes to the official Slayers Club Spotify playlist, sharing tracks that keep the team at id Software company and other jams we’ve been blasting at Slayers Club HQ, so we’re excited to bring a fresh update for your listening pleasure!

Whether they pump you up for a busy day of work, study or Ultra Nightmare runs, we hope you enjoy this batch of songs we can’t stop listening to:

DOOM Slayer – Shot Down South

We certainly hear metal music in our heads when we think about the DOOM Slayer, but it’s not every day we get a track that’s literally about the DOOM Slayer. Shout-out to metalcore group Shot Down South for bringing us a headbangingly good ode to none other than the big DOOMGuy himself.

The Widow of Magnolia – He Is Legend

Rolling drums, hard rockin’ guitar and a touch of metalcore in the vocals and you’ve got a head-nodding track to rumble to. We think this track by He Is Legend would fit in just fine playing during the arrival of the DOOM Slayer – a legend in his own right – to a demon-overrun Earth.

BODY//PRISON – HEALTH (feat. Perturbator)

LA-based noise rockers HEALTH & Parisian synthmaster Perturbator – together at last! This thumping track combines ethereal dystopian vocals and a blood-pumping rhythm that keeps us company like No-Doze on a lonely highway at 3am. (What we’re saying is it’s good spreadsheet tunes.)

Downgrade Desert – Igorrr

French experimental metal project Igorrr knows a thing or three about bottling pure chaos in audio form, with Slayer Gate-levels of things going on in a single given track. The djent influence of ‘Downgrade Desert,’ coupled with the chants (that become feral screams) is a nice compliment for what goes on in our brains as we crank up the difficulty in DOOM. It’s wild and guttural and out of control, but riding it out is just too much fun.

Louder – Kid Karate

Irish rockers Kid Karate are simple three-chord fuzz rock – and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. What’s more DOOM than being louder?