The WINTER MEGA EVENT in DOOM Eternal is here!

  • Dec 08, 2022
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

It’s time for another extra-length event to emerge in DOOM Eternal! Players can earn cosmetics from past events just by playing the game in the WINTER MEGA EVENT!

Until March 9, 2023, earn XP to unlock in-game cosmetics for DOOM Eternal from not one, but three of the game’s past events! Go on a retro-futuristic adventure in PEACHY KEEN, hone your blade in THERE CAN ONI BE ONE and celebrate the holidays, Slayer-style with GIFT WRAP AND TEAR. In addition to skins, icons and nameplates, you can also unlock sweet Master Collection cosmetics including the Commander Keen Slayer, Samurai Pain Elemental and the big guy himself, Santa Slayer!

How does XP work, exactly? Super-simple: just play DOOM Eternal! Going through campaign levels, finishing BATTLEMODE matches and achieving special in-game challenges all add to your XP, unlocking rewards from the WINTER MEGA EVENT as you level up. Don’t get left out of the cold this winter – enter the fray in DOOM Eternal and start unlocking cosmetics today!