Top 5 Tunes of DOOM - #2: “BFG Division”

  • May 09, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Top 5 Tunes of DOOM - #2: “BFG Division”

What would DOOM be without music? A quieter experience, sure, but the franchise would likely also lose one of its key iconic elements - one of the ineffable parts that make the sum so much greater…and so much more memorable.

The musical history of the series is varied and memorable, so picking just five of the best tunes of the last 25 years of DOOM isn’t exactly an easy task. If you think we missed something, let us know your favorite tracks in the comments!

2. “BFG Division”

The DOOM (2016) soundtrack is packed with so much excellent music that it was hard not to fill this whole list with examples. If you put a big friendly gun to our heads and told us to pick just one, however, it would have to be “BFG Division.”

The song first appears near the end of the Advanced Research Complex level, just as the DOOM Slayer is becoming positively swarmed by enemies. Things start looking awfully grim at first, but it’s right around when the guitars really kick in that players get to test their recently acquired toy: the one, the only BFG-9000.

Let the room-clearing and head-banging commence.

From the chunking, staccato guitars to the relentless double bass rolls, “BFG Division” is just a perfect example of modern metal, with just enough synth work to set the evil, evil mood. A lower-key middle section lulls the listener into a sense of complacency, a brief chance to breathe, that’s soon shattered by a drop so big it deserves its own zip code. In short: BFG Division succeeds in being as raw, powerful and face-melting as the weapon it’s named for.