THERE CAN BE ONI ONE in DOOM Eternal’s latest in-game event!

  • Apr 01, 2021
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  • By: Parker Wilhem

Unsheathe your blade and strike true in DOOM Eternal’s newest event! As blossoms dance upon the wind and your steel clashes with your demonic opponent’s, one thing is for certain: THERE CAN BE ONI ONE.

DOOM-Eternal ThereCanBeOniOne community 960x1360-01-EN

Starting now until April 29, 2021, collect XP to unlock in-game collectibles for DOOM Eternal, from the fearsome Oni Marauder skin to the katana-wielding Samurai Pain Elemental Master Collection!

Unlocking these rewards go hand-in-hand with keeping your DOOM Eternal skills sharp! Earn XP by completing Campaign levels (including both The Ancient Gods – Part One & Part Two), BATTLEMODE matches and weekly challenges. As always, this event is only available for a limited time, so don’t let your blade grow dull!

Learn more about DOOM Eternal’s in-game events and unlocking rewards in our dev diary video. Don’t forget to join the Slayers Club if you haven’t already to start off your collection with the Zombie Slayer skin!