Feast your eyes on this incredible DOOM Slayer statue!

  • Mar 19, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Feast your eyes on this incredible DOOM Slayer statue!

Back in September 2019, we gave you an exclusive first look at Prime 1 Studio’s majestic collectible rendition of the DOOM Slayer. At Wonder Festival 2020, attendees were finally able to see the real deal with their own eyes and now, you can preorder your own incredible Slayer! Folks, this thing is a beast

DE Prime1 Reveal in-body 1

This ain’t no 3D render – this 43” tall hunk of glory is the tangible result of Prime 1’s prowess as collectible makers. Marvel at the attention to detail! The perfect recreation of the Praetor armor! The intimidating glare through the LED-illuminated visor! The podium of vanquished demons he stands upon! The realistically textured biceps!

DE Prime1 Reveal 2A

DE Prime1 Reveal in-body 2B

DE Prime1 Reveal in-body 2C

It goes without saying that Prime 1 Studio’s DOOM Slayer statue is the ultimate tribute to DOOM Eternal’s unstoppable protagonist, and you can preorder yours now through the official Prime 1 Studio site.

Set to launch next year, collectors can choose from three variants – a standard version, a Deluxe Version with two bonus interchangeable weapon, and the Ultimate Version with even more weapon options – including the all-powerful BFG!

DE Prime1 Reveal in-body 3

Be sure to check out Prime 1 Studios for updates on this bad boy and other awesome collectibles, and stay tuned to the Slayers Club for more news on all things DOOM!