Level up your Collection for even more free rewards!

  • June 01, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

From the cappuccino-consuming Hipster Archvile to the emblazoned Ember Slayer to the blinged-out MC Pain Elemental, Master Collections and Special Edition skins offer fun takes on DOOM Eternal’s cast of characters – but wait, there’s more!

What do we mean by more? Sure, unlocks in your Collection are already reward enough thanks to the cool content contained within, but applicable Master Collections and Special Editions can be upgraded - earning you additional cosmetics to suit your tastes - just by playing the game!

DE.MasterCollection.Infographic 960

Once you’ve added a new Special Edition or Master Collection to your…Collection, XP you earn playing DOOM Eternal is applied to it. From duking it out in BATTLEMODE to triumphing over Empowered Demons, all the XP that goes into your in-game event progress also funnels into your progress-compatible sets, as seen in the “My Collection” section of the main menu.

Every set gets the same amount of XP and you don’t even need to equip items from those sets. In short: when you get XP, your Master Collections and Special Editions get XP – simple as that!

Once a set earns enough XP, a new item is unlocked such as a new Victory animation, title or even a player skin color variant! Now go out there, slay some demons, earn that XP and see what’s really inside your favorite Master Collection and Special Edition collectibles today!