McFarlane Toys’ DOOM Slayer puts the ‘action’ in ‘action figure’

  • Sept 13, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
McFarlane Toys’ DOOM Slayer puts the ‘action’ in ‘action figure’

From fan art to cosplay projects, DOOM aficionados get enough of the Slayer’s bigger, bolder and bare-biceped new look for DOOM Eternal.

While getting to play as this mean, green demon-killing machine is exciting enough, we imagine a good number of you have a burning question from your ten-year-old self: “can I get an action figure of that bad boy?”

Luckily for you and your inner kid, we’re teaming up with McFarlane Toys to bring you an awesome figure of the Hellwalker so badass, it’ll make G.I. Joes look like G.I. Schmoes. This detailed 7” Slayer features 22 points of articulation and comes with a base perfect for displaying on your shelf or making awesome poses.

DE McFarlane in-body 1

It wouldn’t be right to have a figure like this come without accessories, so the McFarlane Toys DOOM Slayer also comes with his extended DOOM Blade attachment plus the Super Shotgun – complete with Meat Hook upgrade – to complete the look.

For those thinking a collectible this sweet should be bronzed, McFarlane Toys is also offering a limited-edition bronze variant that captures the Slayer in all his statuesque glory. Both the standard DOOM Slayer figure and limited-edition bronze version are available to pre-order now for $22 via the Bethesda Gear store.

DE McFarlane in-body bronze

The standard edition DOOM Slayer figure is scheduled to ship at the end of October 2019, with the bronze variant edition planned to follow at the end of November 2019. Supplies are limited, so act fast before these Slayers are gone!