Your April DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Apr 28, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Your April DOOMspiration Playlist

Whether it’s a stack of dirty dishes or rendering a 3D model of an exploding Cacodemon, music has a way of helping people through any task. That’s why we’ve collaborated with the team at id Software to forge a custom Spotify playlist full of the tunes that inspire, encourage or simply accompany them throughout the development of DOOM Eternal.

This mix of songs is now yours to wield HERE as you tackle whatever obstacles – be it school, work, chores or an unrelenting demon horde – you encounter. We’ll also update this playlist as we come across new tracks, so make like that exploding Cacodemon and keep an eye out!

Need a place to start listening? Here are some choice cuts, complete with commentary from the id team:

“The Mob Rules” – Black Sabbath

“I frequently ask myself ‘What is id's niche?’ One of the things I do to help myself on my quixotic quest is to look at other games that I feel like are second-cousins-once-removed from the id family tree, to see how we might grow into other areas and to remind ourselves of our roots.”

“Brütal Legend (2009) is one of those games, specifically the announcement trailer that features this song. It begins with a monster monologuing about ancient lore and it ends with ‘(the buckle) was made for a god. Not for you. Not for a…roadie!’” Then Eddie snaps his neck and kills everyone without losing any momentum. The video reminds me that the DOOM Slayer doesn't care how ancient some god is or how mortal he is - he's just going to Rip and Tear and there's nothing anybody can do to stop him.”

  • Alex Whitfield, Associate Gameplay Designer

“Dagger” – Vildhjarta

“Brutal and atmospheric. Does a good job of letting me focus on work.”

  • Tim Lohrenz, Associate Producer

“Feast for Crows” – Our Hollow, Our Home

“My go-to tracks for design inspiration are high energy, high pace metal. Not only is it what I expect the DOOM Slayer would listen to, but it also helps guide the tightness of our gameplay design.”

“If I am playing our game with any of these tracks running, I need the game to maintain pace with the track. If I ever feel like I am slower than the music, something needs to change. It could be the charge time on a weapon, the frame at which I can fire a gun or it could even be the arena flow. These tracks help me identify where things need to get more responsive and also get me charged up to slaughter demons!”

  • Peter Sokal, Senior Designer

“Dashboard” – Modest Mouse

“This is a very upbeat song that almost has a carefree and brash attitude.”*

*“It reminds me a bit of the game development process because things may sometimes not go how it was expected, but things may still be good. The attitude of the song is really reflected in the line, ‘the windshield was broken but I love the fresh air, ya know?’”

  • Hammed Al-Tamimi, Technical Artist