Your March DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Mar 25, 2021
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

Where does the time go? It only feels like yesterday that DOOM Eternal was landing onto PCs and consoles for the first time, giving the world a fresh taste of no-holds-barred demon slayin’.

As DOOM Eternal celebrates its first year since launch, we’re injecting the official Slayers Club Spotify playlist with an extra-healthy dose of metal jams as we mosh our way through the Slayer’s latest outing: The Ancient Gods – Part Two.

Also, with it being Women’s History Month in the US, our highlighted headbangers this month all feature bands fronted by female and/or femme vocalists, because we’re suckers for theming. Now let’s open up the pit!

You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs' Real Voices - iwrestledabearonce

Known for splashing in a range of genres into their tracks, experimental metal group iwrestledabearonce adds a touch of the eclectic to the Slayers Club playlist. But hey, we enjoy pitting the Cosplay Slayer in an epic BATTLEMODE duel against Lumberjack Marauders and Agent Viles, so we’re no strangers to the wild ‘n’ weird.

Twilight of the Thunder God - Rage of Light

Their band name a reference to their contrasting use of metal and trance music, Rage of Light puts forth a worthy cover of Amon Amarth’s “Twilight of the Thunder God.” Considering the original track is about Thor battling mighty serpents, you know you’re in for a brutally good time.

Echoes - The Charm The Fury

Dutch rockers The Charm The Fury bring in a heavy track with a mix of clean singing and rough growls that make up a track perfect for keeping us going strong through our day-to-day.

Steal Away the Light - Triosphere

Once featured in our “DOOM Level or Band Name?” series, we mentioned this Norwegian progressive metal group’s music would be a decent fit for slaying hordes of demons. It’s high time we made that claim official!

Cloud Factory - Jinjer

No strangers to experimenting with outside influences like groove and funk into their sound, Ukrainian metalcore act Jinjer keeps things (relatively) classic in “Cloud Factory,” with heavy riffs, brutal vocals and drums putting in some serious overtime.

Burn It All Down – The Agonist

Originating from Montreal, Quebec, The Agonist brings the goods in their 2019 track “Burn It All Down”: powerful screams, high-speed play and an energy that commands us to take the war against demons to Hell itself, (the song title certainly helps in that regard, too.)

Evolution - Sharptooth

Though most likely harkening back to prehistoric predators, Baltimore band Sharptooth lives up to their name another way with biting political commentary and incisive lyrics. “Evolution” goes hard as a track rejecting passivity and calls for action!

Straight to the Heart - Battle Beast

Helsinki’s own Battle Beast is a power metal outfit perfect for the inspirational montage scenes in our daily life. Be it getting the morning jog in or relearning our Meathook skills for The Ancient Gods – Part Two, “Straight to the Heart” brings just the energy we need.