Conquer Ultra Nightmare with this in-depth guide!

  • Apr 17, 2020
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  • By: Jonny Roses
Conquer Ultra Nightmare with this in-depth guide!

DOOM Eternal’s Ultra Nightmare mode is designed to give DOOM fans the ultimate challenge. There are no second chances and little room for error – should you die, you must restart the entire game from the beginning!

If that wasn’t enough, demons are Nightmare difficulty-levels of aggressive, you don’t have any extra lives and the Saving Throw rune, which grants a second chance after taking a killing blow, doesn’t regenerate after use. Tough? Definitely. Impossible? Nothing’s impossible for the DOOM Slayer!

One brave soul who’s conquered Ultra Nightmare is self-professed ‘FPS sweatlord’ and long-time Quake & DOOM streamer TheSpudHunter. Spud even put together a comprehensive guide to help his fellow Slayers overcome Ultra Nightmare! Level tactics, weapon builds, Sentinel Crystal allocation, suit upgrades, runes – his video covers it all. Check it out below:

With this guide – plus a little grit – we look forward to more of you accomplishing DOOM Eternal’s greatest feat. Trust us, you’ll feel utterly victorious after unlocking that Gold Slayer skin. To stay on top of all things DOOM be sure to keep an eye on the Slayers Club, and check out TheSpudHunter’s official YouTube channel for even more awesome DOOM Eternal content!