DOOM Eternal Review Roundup

  • Mar 20, 2020
  • |
  • By: Anne Lewis

From the fiery pits of Hell to the equally fiery surface of an Earth in the throes of a demonic invasion, DOOM Eternal has all of us clutched tight in its heavy metal grip. With glowing praise already pouring in, we’re kicking off the worldwide launch of DOOM Eternal with a bang and we’ve pulled together a handful of reviews from across the internet to help us celebrate.

IGN – 9/10

“Doom Eternal is one of the best first-person shooter campaigns in years. Its brand of fun remains unmatched in FPSes.”


"Doom Eternal Is the Best Doom Game Ever Made, Period"

PC Gamer – 94/100

“Doom Eternal is a ceaseless, panicked nightmare that pushes you to point and click with more skill and style than ever before.”

Kinda Funny Games

TechRadar – 5/5

“Doom Eternal reinvents its own wheel without abandoning its classic foundations. It has all the blood-pumping, gore-packed fun we expect from a Doom game, while adding a bunch of new RPG-like elements we didn't even know we needed. This is one not to be missed.”

Digital Trends – 4.5/5

"Doom Eternal is a bigger and even better version of its predecessor, recognizing exactly why fans loved that game so much while giving them even more reasons to love the sequel."

The Sixth Axis – 10/10

“Doom Eternal doesn't just set the bar, it breaks it. Many of the best games of the FPS genre do what has already been done, and can do it really, really well, but Doom Eternal does what no other game has done before, crafting a fast-paced power fantasy that sets your brain cells on fire.”

GhostRobo – 90%

Game Revolution – 5/5

“The Doom Slayer has faced many nightmarish opponents and toppled them all, yet his greatest victory might be slaying the impossibly high expectations set by his genre-defining precursors.”

DualShockers – 9/10

“DOOM Eternal is a drastic improvement over its predecessor in every way and sees the Doom Slayer reclaiming his throne in the shooter genre.”

COGConnected – 96/100

“Doom Eternal is a phenomenal game. It’s incredibly intense, like id Software did a massive burnout on the faces of other shooters. The movement and shooting is perfection, and the balance is immaculate and restrained despite being the video game equivalent of standing too close to a rocket launch. If you’ve got any fondness for shooters, the 90’s, or fun generally, consider Doom Eternal absolutely essential.”

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