Horde Mode, BATTLEMODE 2.0 and new Master Levels are live in DOOM Eternal

  • Oct 26, 2021
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Hell hasn’t forgotten that the only thing it fears is you...but it won’t hurt to give it a refresher course! DOOM Eternal’s Update 6.66 is live, granting players all-new Horde Mode experience as well as two Master Levels and a new arena, playable demon and streak-based Ranking System for BATTLEMODE 2.0 to sink their teeth into.


DOOM Eternal’s Horde Mode pits Slayers against the armies of Hell in a breakneck, arcade-style challenge, surviving the demons’ onslaught with speed, precision and of course, a dash of style. Skillful slaying racks up a higher score, available for all to see (and potentially marvel at your prowess) in Horde Mode’s leaderboards.

Designed for replayability, you start each run with all perks, runes and mods upgraded and begin each run through the gauntlet with just the Combat Shotgun. As you battle through three levels packed with enemies, you’ll expand you arsenal and accrue points - complete challenges and quickly dispatch bounty demons to build your score, unlocking more than seven new skins for DOOM Eternal, including the DOOM II Slayer and Biker Slayer!


Competitive players in DOOM Eternal’s 2v1 BATTLEMODE get a treat with Update 6.66’s new and improved Ranking System, which accounts your win streaks to match with worthy opponents and includes new rewards and even a new arena to duel in: Stronghold. Oh, and did we mention a whole new playable demon? That’s right, players can now step into BATTLEMODE as the fearsome Dread Knight!

Additionally, BATTLEMODE 2.0 features a seasonal leaderboard tracking your journey through the ranks and rewarding players with cool unlockables based on their progress at the end of each season.

This update to BATTLEMODE complements over a year of optimizations, balancing, new arenas and latency improvements to bring players a fast-paced, fun and nail-biting competitive multiplayer experience – whether you’re a returning BATTLEMODE vet or newcomer to the arena, there’s no better time to jump in than with BATTLEMODE 2.0.


Looking for more ways to sharpen your proverbial DOOM Blade? Two new Master Levels arrive with Update 6.66, remixing DOOM Eternal’s campaign levels to bring fresh, challenging demon encounters: Mars Core and The World Spear. (NOTE: The World Spear Master Level requires campaign expansion DLC The Ancient Gods – Part Two to play.)

For more information on Update 6.66 and its many features and improvements, check out our detailed patch notes. Whether you’re racking up high scores in Horde Mode, honing your skills in Master Levels or battling your friends online in BATTLEMODE 2.0, Update 6.66 brings more action for DOOM Eternal fans old and new than you can shake a Super Shotgun at – download the patch today and jump into the fray!

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