Praetor Puzzles #2

  • Apr 29, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Praetor Puzzles #2

A great Slayer’s mind is as sharp as their DOOM Blade, so we’ve concocted yet another little brainteaser to keep your wits honed (and to have a little funwhile we’re at it.)

Wizened DOOM players know how to find secrets kept just out of plain sight, and among the most memorable of these cleverly tucked away items are the poseable, fist-bumpable (and dare we even say, adorable) Doomguy Collectibles.

DE Gift Guide Doomguy

Below is a spot-the-differences challenge akin to our first one but with an added wrinkle: In addition to the four (4) major changes to find, we’ve also snuck in three (3) hidden Doomguys in the second imagefor you to hunt down! Can you find them all?

DE Praetor Puzzles 02 in-body