DOOMCon speedrunners take you on a lightning-fast tour of DOOM’s history

  • Aug 04, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
DOOMCon speedrunners take you on a lightning-fast tour of DOOM’s history

This year’s QuakeCon wasn’t just a treat for LAN partiers and energy drink aficionados. DOOM fans got something extra special this year with DOOMCon – a special event with all kinds of DOOM-centric panels, tournaments and a supersonic speedrunning showcase featuring some of the fastest playthroughs the franchise has to offer.

Runners BloodThunder, Kingdime, ZELLLOOO and ByteMe took the stage and sprinted their way through Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 64, DOOM 3 and DOOM (2016) at Slayer-approved speeds, culminating in a final battle where all four players raced through the DOOM Eternal Mars Core demo at once.

Check out how well our runners did with their estimated and completed times below:

Ultimate DOOM, ANY% GLITCHLESS (KingDime)

  • Estimated: 30:00
  • Completed: 27:40


  • Estimated: 35:00
  • Completed: 31:15

QC DC Speed 1


  • Estimated: 35:00
  • Completed: 34:00

DOOM 3, ANY% GLITCHLESS (BloodThunder)

  • Estimated: 1:15:00
  • Completed: 1:20:24

QC DC Speed 2

DOOM (2016), 100% Completion (ByteMe)

  • Estimated: 02:50:00
  • Completed: 02:43:04

DOOM Eternal Mars Core Demo Race (All Runners)

  • Estimated: 22:00:00
  • ByteMe: 15:21:97
  • KingDime: 16:01:01
  • ZELLLOOO: 17:05:69
  • BloodThunder: 20:53:63

QC DC Speed 3

Miss the livestream? Check out our archived video on Twitch and soak in all that high-speed goodness, complete with commentary from our speedrunning all-stars and other special guests!

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