Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #1: Berserk

  • July 08, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #1: Berserk

Even from its earliest days, DOOM loves to go over the top. Even with an arsenal of awesome weapons, a cast of vicious monsters to slay and enough speed to bring the two together in a supremely satisfying fashion, but what if you could have more?

What if you were even faster? Even stronger? Even more brutal? That’s what pickups bring to the table, and here are five of our favorites.

1. Berserk

Like Invisibility, Berserk is a powerup that’s been in the DOOM franchise from day one. The way the power-up functions has also fundamentally stayed the same:

  • Step 1: Your vision gets a reddish tinge.
  • Step 2: You pull up your fists – the only weapon you need anymore.
  • Step 3: You rip and tear, until it is done.

Jacking up the damage of your melee attack up to 10 times their normal level, early iterations of Berserk were satisfying enough. However, DOOM (2016) brought a new spice to add to the Berserk stew: Glory Kills.

With Berserk active in DOOM (2016), Glory Kills become instantaneous, allowing you to rip and tear your way through hordes of enemies for 30 glorious seconds. Pair this power with the right Runes and Praetor Suit upgrades and the Slayer can go on his pummeling spree for longer, from further away or just simply faster.

It’s not hard to see why demonkind fears the Slayer after witnessing him (literally) shred through their ranks in mere seconds with his own two hands – presuming any demon ever lived to tell the tale, of course. The Berserk power-up is fast, brutal, gory and so, so satisfying. It is, in short, DOOM.