DOOM by the Numbers #6 – Oodles of Eons

  • Jan 06, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Numbers and data sound boring at first, but a franchise like DOOM has accrued some really interesting stats over the years. In this series, we highlight DOOM’s cool numerical accomplishments and what they mean – this is DOOM by the Numbers!


For those not used to that many zeroes and commas (we sure aren’t), that’s about 96.7 quadrillion. What does that number signify? Take a walk with us, fellow Slayers…

A reddit user named reighnand posted an image on subreddit r/theydidthemath of a YouTube comment from one Michael Johnston. In the comment, Johnston notes the number of demons the DOOM Slayer kills in the 15-minute gameplay video of DOOM (2016) they were viewing. And this is where things start to take off.

“In this 15-minute video, a little over 200 demons were killed,” says Johnston, stating that if you consider this clip a canonical depiction of the Slayer’s eons-long rampage after the fall of Argent D’Nur, then he’d clock about 800 demons an hour, times 24 is 19,200 demons a day, times 365 is 7,008,000 demons slain in one year!

Now, an ‘eon’ can describe any amount of long, undefined time but scientifically, an eon is approximately a billion years. Here’s where things get purely theoretical (but oh-so-fun): let’s assume that the countless eons the DOOM Slayer waged war against Hell went for, well, as long as this particular universe can count. Our universe is widely considered to be about 13.8 billion years old, which we’ll say is 13.8 eons.

By this point, you should know what that massive number from earlier means. Assuming the DOOM Slayer never stopped slaying from the beginning of his rip and tear days to now, which lasted as long as the known universe, he would have dispatched over 96.7 quadrillion demons.

Of course, we’ve taken some liberties with the meaning of ‘eon’ and not accounted for any of the rare, rare moments between battles where the Slayer wasn’t slaying. That said, given the fact that the Slayer isn’t exactly known for taking it easy, it’s not terribly difficult to imagine him racking up such an epic body count. The best part? We can look forward to the Slayer adding even more demons to that pile in 2020 when DOOM Eternal launches!