DOOM Level or Band Name? Vol. VI

  • Feb 04, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
DOOM Level or Band Name? Vol. VI

When describing the DOOM series, throwing up some horns and screaming ‘metaaaal!’ ain’t a half-bad way of putting it. That’s why sometimes the line between the games and the hardcore music that inspired it (and vice-versa) can get blurred.

So, in this challenge of your DOOM knowledge and/or muscial chops, we will give a name of either a level from a DOOM game or a pretty sick band name. In the case both a DOOM level and a band share a name, we err on the side of the DOOM level because hey, it’s the Slayers Club. Ready? Go!


Operated by a single Slovenian artist simply known as ‘Wulf,’ Neurotech combines the framework of symphonic metal with a mix of electro and industrial sounds. Wulf stopped making new Neurotech music in 2017 in pursuit of other ventures but with eight albums created over the course of a decade, Neurotech put the ‘passion’ in ‘passion project.’

The Bleeding

Formed in 2010, The Bleeding is a UK thrash group…that happens to have the same name as DOOM 64’s tenth map. Coincidences go a step further with the band’s 2013 EP, called ‘Death Eternal.’ We wonder if they’re excited for DOOM Eternal to come out this year – if only because they seem to be on the right wavelength when it comes to cool names.

Altar of Pain

Active from 2010 – 2013, Altar of Pain was a Portuguese death metal group… that happens to have the same name as DOOM 64’s twelfth map. Look, DOOM 64 is a pretty dang metal game, so we’re not surprised there’s some crossover.


Creating music since 2003, Dis is an American black metal act…that happens to have the same name as the final map of the Inferno chapter of DOOM (1993) – a combo breaker! As for the origins of the term, Dis (not to be confused with the alternate spelling of ‘diss,’ like in ‘diss track’) is short for Dīs Pater, the Roman god of the underworld. Often equated to Pluto/Hades in mythology, we can see how Dis would resonate with both DOOM and the metal scene. See, we learn things here in the Slayers Club!

Blood Stain Child

Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Blood Stain Child is a band known for combining melodic death metal with high-BPM electronic and trance sounds. Active since 1999 (under the previous name ‘Visionquest’), Blood Stain Child does not happen to share a name with any canonical levels in a DOOM game…yet.

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