Your September DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Sept 02, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Your September DOOMspiration Playlist

Another month, another update to the Slayers Club’s official Spotify playlist. That’s right, more tunes that keep the id Software staff fired up on the development of DOOM Eternal that’s now yours to enjoy as well!

As usual, the id team has some recommendations where to get started with this month’s batch of songs. Check ‘em out:

Death to Analog – Julien-K

“The chorus of this song just screams combat and DOOM. It takes time to build up but once it hits you, it hits hard and fast. You just want to drive forward and fight everything in your way.”

  • Justin Green, Senior QA Tester

Shotgun - Sabaton

“Picked this song because I'm half-sure it's a DOOM reference.”

  • Eric Tjader, Gameplay Programmer

Unchained – Van Halen

“Used to play this in a high school band; used to want to be Eddie Van Halen.”

  • Carson Fee, Senior Audio Programmer

My Demons – Fight the Fury

“I think we all have some kind of demon we deal with. As an animator on DOOM, I get to kill my demons...kinda.”

  • Chris Cantero, Animator