DOOM by the Numbers #5 – Twelve Figures of Fun

  • Oct 03, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
DOOM by the Numbers #5 – Twelve Figures of Fun

Numbers and data sound boring at first, but a franchise like DOOM has accrued some really interesting stats over the years. In this series, we highlight DOOM’s cool numerical accomplishments and what they mean – this is DOOM by the Numbers!


To save you the effort of counting the zeroes, that’s five hundred and ninety-four billion. What does that massive number mean? Why, it’s the approximate average number of points per month the DOOM community racks up together in DOOM (2016)’s Arcade Mode. The highest scoring month so far? August 2019, where you fired-up Slayers hit 671,457,221,078 points!

Released shortly after the DOOM (2016)’s initial release, Arcade Mode throws players into an (even more) absurd intense campaign experience where all weapons and skills are unlocked and you’re competing for bragging rights in the form of points from slaying with speed and style.

So, so many points.

The mode is perfect for speedrunners and other eager players with a drive to outrank their friends and enemies on the virtual battlefield. Their numbers are, clearly, legion. The fact that these staggering figures persist years after the game’s launch really speak to the staying power of this fast, fun way to play DOOM (2016).

Admit it, you want to jump back in right now, don’t you?