12,000,000,000 slain demons later, DOOM Eternal is just getting started

  • Aug 07, 2020
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  • By: id Software

As we celebrate QuakeCon at Home, we want to shout out the people that make this event unlike any other – the fans. With the launch of DOOM Eternal, we were amazed and humbled at the response from both enthusiasts and press alike.

We can’t put a number to the amount of passion you’ve shown us or how much we appreciate it, but we can quantify a Hell of a lot of other things. Like, say, the fact that since the launch of DOOM Eternal, players have collectively slain TWELVE. BILLION. DEMONS – 2.9 billion of them just Glory Kills!

In that impressive body count are one billion kills with the double-barreled DOOM staple, the Super Shotgun and over 607 million demons nuked by the BFG! It’s not just ripping and tearing – you all love to collect, too! Players have uncovered 41 million toys and 86 million 1-UPs from scouring the nook and crannies of each level, inspiring us to help you start your own real-life collection of DOOM collectibles!

Check out the full breakdown in the infographic below:

DOOM-Eternal VanityMetric Infographic-960

Of course, those numbers are only growing as DOOM Eternal continues to gain new and exciting content with each major update, from visually unique Render Modes to new maps and balance changes in BATTLEMODE, there’s always a reason to keep your DOOM Blades from growing dull.

And we’re just getting started! Look forward to more features coming to DOOM Eternal in the coming months, including the release of Invasion, more Master Levels, new playable demons in BATTLEMODE, competitive ranked modes and the first single-player expansion, The Ancient Gods, Part One.

From everyone at id Software, Bethesda and the Slayers Club, thank you for an incredible launch and for proving yet again why DOOM fans are among the best in all of gaming. See you in Hell.