An update on our re-releases

  • Sept 26, 2019
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

To celebrate DOOM’s 25th birthday at this year’s QuakeCon, we announced the re-release of DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM 3 on modern-day devices.

Not long after the games launched, many players spoke up saying the required Bethesda.net login prevented them from enjoying the games. We heard your feedback and deployed a patch for DOOM and DOOM II, allowing you to skip logging in as well as removing the disconnect notification for when the game goes offline.

For members of the Slayers Club who log in to these rereleases through Bethesda.net, we have something special for you as thanks for playing these classic games:

DOS Login Skins in-body 2

Link your Slayers Club account to a classic DOOM title and receive a retro-inspired DOOM Marine skin and matching nameplate for DOOM Eternal, allowing you to mix classic and contemporary as you blast through DOOM Eternal’s campaign or duke it out in BATTLEMODE.

In addition to addressing the Bethesda.net login requirement, we have also released a patch enhancing overall performance for these titles as well as improving audio playback and lighting effects.

Thanks again for your support of these classic games, and we look forward to you bringing old-school flair to the DOOM Slayer’s continued war against Hell when DOOM Eternal launches!