Pushing the DOOMBrush to the MAX

  • Sept 17, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Pushing the DOOMBrush to the MAX

Back in July, we shared with Slayers a way of making their amazing art even DOOMier by making their own custom DOOMGuy Photoshop brush.

We then found that similar techniques can make DOOMGuy’s visage compatible with other digital art platforms like Procreate and Clip Studio Paint. This got us wondering…what can we really do with the DOOMBrush?

DE DOOMBrush in-body 1

It’s hard to make out the Marine’s face, but this picture was painted entirely using the DOOMBrush. You just gotta zoom in reeeeaaaallly close on the right spots…

DE DOOMBrush in-body 2

There he is! Sure, we’re not replacing the talented members over in the id Software art team anytime soon but dang if we didn’t have fun with this one.

Do you have a creative work that can only be captured by the face of the one all demons fear? Submit your fan art to the Slayers Club during submission periods for points and even a chance to be showcased on the site!