DOOM Level or Band Name? Vol. II

  • Sept 21, 2019
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

When describing the DOOM series, throwing up some horns and screaming ‘metaaaal!’ ain’t a half-bad way of putting it. That’s why sometimes the line between the games and the hardcore music that inspired it (and vice-versa) can get blurred.

So, in this challenge of your DOOM knowledge and/or muscial chops, we will give a name of either a level from a DOOM game or a pretty sick band name. In the case both a DOOM level and a band share a name, we err on the side of the DOOM level because hey, it’s the Slayers Club. Ready? Go!

Blood Keep

The 16th level in DOOM 64, Blood Keep features a large fortress-like area for the Marine to explore as he fights through wave after wave of demons. Watch out for the Nightmare Imps – translucent little buggers that are hard to see but even harder to ignore when they strike!

3 Inches of Blood

Sure, that’s what you call the floor after the DOOM Slayer makes his way through a room of demons, but 3 Inches of Blood is actually a power metal band from Canada with a new wave British heavy metal vibe that’ll be familiar to fans of Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Their single “Deadly Sinners” is a personal favorite of ours in terms of utter power metal madness.

Sever the Wicked

Also known as E4M3, Sever the Wicked is the third map from DOOM’s final chapter, Thy Flesh Consumed. A challenging gantlet of ledges and lengthy passages, the most catching landmark of this level is the giant river of searing hot lava running through it – try not to fall in!


Is this some sort of high-security lab buried deep within the UAC research facility on Mars? Nope, try a Norwegian heavy metal band founded in 2004! Much like other DOOM-sounding bands, expect elements of power metal and prog in Triosphere’s sound which, honestly, isn’t a bad fit next to a series about slaying hordes of demons.

The Absolution

The last level of DOOM 64, players must brave on onslaught of demons in a giant circular courtyard building up to the final encounter with the games ultimate boss, the Mother Demon. This boss fight is an intense bout even without the giant army of foes you just fought cutting into your precious ammo and health supply. The key? Literally keys – Demon Keys, to be exact. By collecting these ominous artifacts throughout DOOM 64, you can not only upgrade your Unmaker – a high-power demon-shredding laser – but also reduce the number of enemies you fight before taking on the Mother Demon. How’s that for a pro-tip?